Experience the magic and healing power of Ayahuasca. This immersive experience is a voyage through one of the most mysterious spiritual practices on the planet: Ayahuasca, the vine of the soul, allowing you to find your inner space. The participant is immersed in the visions triggered by this revered substance.

In Ayahuasca, Kosmik Journey the viewer follows Jan Kounen on a voyage to the Amazon, before shifting over into his point of view and experiencing the story through his eyes. For seventeen years, he has been traveling once a year to the Peruvian region of the Amazon, to meet indigenous healers and expand his knowledge of their traditional medicine.

FormatVirtual Reality (VR)
GenreImmersive initiatory journey
Duration20 min
LanguageFrançais, Anglais
ProductionSmall Creative, Atlas V, a_BAHN
BEST ARTISTIC FEATURE FILM / Dome Fest (United States) 2021 award logo
BEST VR / Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico), 2019 award logo
BEST DOCUMENTARY EXPERIENCE / Raindance  (United Kingdom), 2019 award logo
GRAND PRICE / VR NOW (Germany), 2019 award logo
Tribeca Film Festival / New York (États-Unis), 2019 award logo
Annecy Film Festival / (France), 2019 award logo
Exhibition Eye Filmmuseum / (Pays-Bas), 2019 award logo
Mutek / Montréal (Canada), 2020 award logo
Exhibition at Virtual Arts Hub / Taipei (Taïwan), 2020 award logo
Exhibition VR FILM LAB Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB / (Taïwan), 2020 award logo

Further information:

Institut francais


Writer and director
Jan Kounen

With the participation of
Guillermo Arévalo “Kestembetsa”

Sound desing
Nicolas Becker

Corentin Lambot, François Le Gall, Vincent Guttmann

Executive producers
Antoine Cayrol, Marion Guth, Nicolas Bliez, Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Rodolphe Chabrier

Co-executive producers
Arnaud Colinart, Pierre Zandrowicz, Philippe Sonrier

With the financial support of
CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée)