At the heart of this narrative VR game, you will play as Emma, who is determined to find her brother by capturing a mythical animal that haunts the waters of the lake. To do this, you will have to learn what Emma has refused until now, what her father wanted to pass on to her: to find her place in a decidedly unpredictable nature through her passion, fishing.

Amazing Monster! is a new kind of dialogue-based, observational and action-packed VR game. Assisted by the characters in the story, you will learn the mechanics that will allow you to interact with the lake’s fish, wild creatures and the oldest civilizations in the area. Through this unique fishing experience, in a nature steeped in ancient magic and traditional stories, we address themes that are dear to us, such as coming of age, grief and respect for the environment.

With Emma’s dark humor and self-mockery, you will build relationships with the city’s characters, real or mythical. Between scenes of dialogue - which are only determined by your mood - and moments of fishing, embark on an unexpected initiatory journey, through this fantastic adventure story in which you will be... the heroine.

FormatVirtual Reality (VR)
GenreInteractive video game
Duration3 - 4 h
LanguageFrançais, Anglais
ProductionWowl, Small Creative, SRG SSR, France Télévisions
 Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico), 2022 award logo


Written by
Raphael Penasa et Allison Crank

Based on an original idea of
Jonathan Droz

Artistic direction
Milan Baulard

Creative Technologist
Jean Dellac


Wowl, Producer
Jonathan Droz

Small Creative, Producer
Voyelle Acker

Small Creative, Producer
Vincent Guttmann

Production assistant
Maria Guittier

Production Support
Corentin Lambot

Project Manager
Noëlie Delesse

Level Designer / Lead 2D/3D
Marine Le Borgne

Game Developer
Jean-Baptiste Leonelli

Core Game Dev
Nicolae Campian

Character Artist
Léo Ewald

Tech Artist / 3D Artist
Laura Lassus-Pigat

2D/3D Artist
Axel Mounier

2D/3D Artist
Jonathan Tcheucheumi

VRFX / Quantum Stage

Managing Director / Technical Director
Pascal Achermann

Compositing Artist / Mocap Performer & Operator
Claudio Antonelli

Rigging & Animation Artist
Dominic Lutz

Mocap Performer / Actor / Director
Corinne Soland

Quantum Stage / Motion Capture Studio
Tobias Baumann


Co-founder / Sound supervisor
Laurent Vang

Co-founder / Mixing
David Escudero

Sound designer / Audio Integration
Valentin Petiteau

Music Composer
Mathieu Alvado

Emma’s voice
Seren Schirra

Michel’s voice
Alexander Laube

Jocelyn’s voice
Seren Schirra


SSR Redaction
Sven Wälti

SSR Production
Gregory Catella

France Télévisions

Direction FranceTV StoryLab
Jeanne Marchalot

Vanille Cabaret
Léna Sichez 

Program communication
Hélène Marteau

Technical project manager
Stéphane Nauroy

Thanks to
Cinéforom team
Laurent Kempf, Stéphane Morey, Marie-Lou Pahud, Geneviève Rossier

With the participation of Cinéforom and Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

With the support of Loterie Romande